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Crystalline fructose 99,9%
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Fructose is a natural sugar that is present in a free form in almost all sweet fruits, vegetables, and honey. Fructose stabilizes blood sugar levels, strengthens immunity, reduces the risk of caries and diathesis in children and adults. Serious advantages of fructose in front of sugar are related to differences in the processes of assimilation of these products by the body.

Fructose refers to carbohydrates with a low glycemic index, its consumption in food does not cause fluctuations in the level of sugar in the blood and, accordingly, the sharp insulin emissions that cause the consumption of sugar. These properties are especially important for people with diabetes. Unlike other carbohydrates, Fructose achieves intracellular metabolism without the intervention of insulin. It is quickly and almost completely removed from the blood, as a result, after taking fructose, sugar in the blood rises much more slowly and to a much lesser extent than after taking an equivalent amount of glucose. Fructose, unlike glucose, does not have the ability to release intestinal hormones that stimulate the secretion of insulin. It is used in products for dietary nutrition in diabetic patients.

The recommended daily intake of FA is 35-45 g.

Pharmachologic effects are:

* well absorbed by the body, does not have a harmful effect on health, does not cause side effects;

stabilizes blood sugar levels;

* has anti-cancer properties: reduces the risk of tooth decay by caries by 30-40%;

* Accelerates the metabolism (splitting) of alcohol in the human body;

* When metabolism in the body is a remarkable energy source and storage of glycogen in the muscles;

* Helps maintain muscle strength and adapt quickly to the body under prolonged stress;

* has a tonic effect;

* helps to relieve stress.

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25 kilogramm
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Vacuum packaging of 25 kg.
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You can check the price of product from supplier by telephone numbers
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