E331 sodium citrate

E331 sodium citrate

Manufacturer:«ADJ ingredients» ltd.

18 000 сум / кг.

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E331 sodium citrate is used in the food industry as a preservative, stabilizer or flavor enhancer.

The main purpose of sodium citrate is to enhance the taste of carbonated drinks that mimic the taste of citrus. Energy drinks from popular manufacturers also contain sodium citrate.

E331 is added to yoghurts, marmalade, soufflé, pastille, jelly, cream cheeses – to regulate the level of acidity.

Sodium citrate can be used as a seasoning for dishes. The additive is used for sterilization, pasteurization of milk, production of dairy products, canned foods based on milk, milk powder, infant formula and other products, the manufacture of which involves continuous heat treatment of milk.

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